We can help you monetize your traffic, generating an income from demand for your app.

Maximize revenue

We have a strong demand from top brands

and our state-of-the-art technology means we are experts at ensuring each advert is perfectly targeted. All that means more revenue for you by utilizing your strong traction as a brand.

A Data-Driven Approach

The right user at the right time

We know you’ve worked hard to build your brand a secure strong traffic growth. That is why we work hard to ensure each ad placed within your app is perfectly targeted using our advanced proprietary algorithm.

Why Advertis Digital

It’s all about audience – finding the right one for you.

Top Brands

We work with global brands across a diverse range of categories and can offer favorable rates.

Build revenue

We create high quality campaigns for our clients, they are perfectly targeted. Which also means higher eCPMs for you.

Easy integration

Our API isn’t hard to implement, we have created a holistic solution that means integrations are easy and efficient.

Strong demand

There is always demand from our clients across a variety of budgets so we are the ideal partners for your ad spaces, meaning you can rely on a high fill rate.

Top App Demand

Top demand across various categories and verticals

Travel and Aviation

Business Services

Energy and Environment